How You Benefit from Our Global Internet Marketing Approach

There are so many global Internet marketing companies that it is hard to know which one to choose. One of our clients bought an expensive report which rates Internet marketing companies. They worked with a highly rated one.


After leaving them and seeing the results of our work our client said he "cursed the day" that they decided to work with that other company. Read moreorange-arrow-big


B2B Internet Marketing

Your challenges can include:
● Finding potential clients
● Not wasting money
● Long sales cycle
● Products and services
   that are hard to explain

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We have improved countless existing Adwords & Bing/Yahoo campaigns. The secret is creative ads that increase CTR and conversions. We know how to succeed—increasing your profits.

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We have successful experience in: Ecommerce, Hi-Tech and Software, B2B Lead Generation, Medical Devices, Medical/Dental Clinics and Services, Tourism, Cosmetics, Security, and more.

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Remarketing Campaigns are Not Always What they Seem


Our Qualifications

Here is how we are different and how we reduce your risk:

Global Internet Marketing Experience. We focus on global campaigns with experience in national campaigns for the Americas, Europe and the Far East. Whether your site is in English or many languages our multicultural and multilingual SEO & internet marketing team has the experience and tools to succeed.

  • Websites are optimized for the search engines in different languages. Translation and localization is also available.
  • USA or other single market websites are optimized to multilingual and regional segments.
  • Natural Search and PPC campaigns are optimized by region, language and importance. Multi-domain consulting.
  • Conversions and profits are analyzed by country and language to make sure resources are being distributed to insure the best results

Bottleneck Removal Program. If things aren't getting done, we can do almost anything that is needed to move forward. Optimize your website copy, write and translate PRs, blogs, ads--both text and graphic, add content, flash animation and more for you.

Remove Your Risk Guarantee. No yearly, monthly, weekly or even daily contracts. The minute you decide that you are not getting what you paid for you can stop our work. Anytime. You will not pay for one extra second of work you are not happy with.

Reduced Retainer Option Based on Prioritization. Not everyone can or is willing to take a chance and spend 1000s of dollars on internet marketing until it is proven to bring results. Our reduced retained option lets you see real successful results before committing to more resources. Our retainers run from $1000 - $9000/month.

SEO Experience since 1998. We have seen it all. Tricking search engines and users are a temporary fix. Robust implementation of global Internet marketing & SEO fundamentals are the best insurance for long term success.

You benefit from our experienced team of experts working in different channels: